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hello! my name is natalia. i am 20, i use she/her prns and i'm demisexual. i tweet in pl/eng. infp

scorpio ☉ aquarius ☾ taurus ↑

likes besties, cats, music, dancing, singing, winx club/saga, watching twitch 24/7, disney, cartoons, plants, korean & spanish, tea & coffee, kpop merch

dislikes spiders, insects, meat, fandom wars

before you follow i'm NOT an nctzen (i only stan nct DREAM and do NOT like others whatsoever), i mainly tweet about my faves (see other section). please tw ed, blood, self harm, gore and spiders

don't follow if basic criteria, under 15, you engage in fandom wars

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NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 'Hello Future' MV

stan list

ults jaemin, taehyung

ubands nct dream, bts

bands new jeans, stayc, le sserafim, kep1er, ZB1, wjsn, aespa, snsd, clc, pristin

biases jeno, jeongguk, minji, yoon, chaewon, youngeun, xiaoting, gunwook, chungha